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  • Learn faster than you believed possible. We show how you can learn at incredible speed, effortlessly while having fun.
  • Meet a room full of people - and remember everyone’s name and what they said
  • Watch a history documentary once - then repeat the whole thing back, dates, names and all
  • Remember every joke you like - and recall them at will
  • Give an hour long speech - using no notes
  • Learn Spanish in a month or Chinese in 3 - and to conjugate any verb in a minute or two
  • Learn your subject 5 times as fast and better
  • Boost your confidence - never be short of something to say again
  • Learn effortlessly without even realising it
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  • Increase your IQ by 10% - with no work at all
  • Remember what you want for good- never forgetting it
  • Never lose anything again
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Disclaimer: results may vary from one person to another

Perfect recall

Learn how to memorise with amazing accuracy and recall it perfectly. No more blanks, forgetting, or being lost for words. Everything is perfectly placed in your memory, for whenever you want it. It’s like a book. You open it and the information is there for you. The Swott Memory-Upgrade Method takes you through eight steps of high-level memory training produced by the world-renowned Swott Academy.

Learn the impossible

You get breakthrough memory training that will develop the memory muscles that are causing you to have poor recall. The very specific memory exercises inside the Swott Memory-Upgrade Method program will develop every necessary part of your brain for rapid memory improvement. You will also learn tricks and techniques to improve your memory, Even if you are learning previously “impossible” subjects, you will find yourself able to easily learn them.

Discover memory “cheats”

Find the closest substances to NZT, the limitless memory drug,only recently developed. These will massively improve your memorisation ability– Full breakdown on the latest technological breakthroughs and where to get them. These are safe and can give you a 100% boost.

Never blank again

You will learn simple techniques to eliminate blockages so that your memories will always be available to you, no matter how difficult or stressful the situation. The Swott Memory Upgrade System will give you dynamic exercises that are designed to improve and strengthen your memory muscles. You will be able to perform at your top level regardless of the circumstances and summon peak performance whenever you need it.

Never forget again

Have you ever wanted to learn something once, then to never forget it? Can you imagine what life would be like if you could remember perfectly everything that you had learned or wanted to learn? Some people have achieved this in their lives and we show you exactly how it is done.

Learn anything

We show how you can learn absolutely anything you want, be it words in “impossible” languages, random lists as long as your arm, numbers as long as a book, mathematics, computer programming, skills to start or enhance a career….. For the first time, you will be able to walk into an exam and recall absolutely everything that you have studied. You’ll be able to read a newspaper and remember those key things you wanted to or master that one skill that has always scared you.

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