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Total Recall System - It’s Super-Awesome. How you can memorise at extraordinary amounts of information at lightning speed, regardless of the current state of your ability. Learn huge numbers of names, numbers, facts, formulas - just like that. Following this course, you will be able to achieve memory feats that less than 0.1% of the population can do.
Only $1495.

Instant Language Learning System - It’s Super-Awesome. Learn languages at up to 9 times the speed and don’t forget. Learn languages that seemed so complicated you didn’t even dare think about it previously. This system applies equally well to boosting your vocabulary in your own language, learning technical terms and includes how to learn verb conjugations in a minute or two. Some students, whilst not learning a language themselves, have used this to teach their kids instead how to ace at them.
Only $2997.

Eidetic Mind Enhancement System - It’s Super-awesome. Learn how to never blank again whatever the pressures, how to achieve that state of perfect “flow”, how to naturally boost your brain by 30% - in every aspect.
Only $997.

The Guide to being Limitless - It’s Super Awesome. Why be less sharp than you could be? Get concentration targeted like a bullet with the latest developments in brain chemistry enhancers. Few people are aware of these developments, but the tycoons of silicon valley rely on them - how else do you think the edge to get their 9 or 10 figure fortunes? For some, they are what bring their breakthroughs and are totally transformative. Others are mere snake oil. We look at them, what works and what doesn’t.
Only $3500

Interactive memory enhancer - It’s super awesome.. This online program will speed up the rate at which you speed up your memory by a factor of 3. It’s also fun. A few minutes on this every day, and your memory will soar. Your creativity will go through the roof. This is an advanced and better version of what world memory champions have used. It guarantees your success by changing the way you think.
Only $1,997

Procrastination Killer System - It’s super-awesome… Many of us know what to do - but just have problem a problem doing it. Have you ever found yourself putting things off, saying to yourself -I’ll do that later. That’s what the procrastination killer takes care of. It’s a collection of tools that will enable you to get anything done and wipe-out procrastination for good.
Only $997

Please note, there is a special discount rate – the above for just $1,997. These course are available by special application only – we do not accept everyone. If interested, please contact us at

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